Fostering provides children/young people who cannot live with their own families with an alternative home where they can feel valued, respected and cared for.

We need respite, short-term and long-term carers for children of all ages, including sibling groups and those with disabilities.

Carers come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We welcome enquiries whether you are single, married/co-habiting, do or do not have children of your own. Applications will be considered irrespective of religious/ethnic background or sexual orientation.

As a carer you will need to be:

Fun & Flexible

Optimistic & Open

Sensible & Sensitive

Tactful & have Time

Energetic & Enthusiastic

Resourceful & Reliable

Interested & have Integrity

Not easily stressed

Generous & Giving

To view the Support & Development Programme for Foster Carers, please click here

Our Foster Carer support groups provide the opportunity to meet other foster carers, share your experiences and learn from others. If you would like to join our support groups click here for more information.

Click here to view the July 2017 Fostering Newsletter.



If you are interested in caring for a child, you probably have lots of questions.

You can find out much more about fostering for the South Eastern Trust by visiting