Core Values and Behaviours

The HSC Collective Leadership strategy was launched in October 2017 with a focus shifting away from traditional command and control structures and reinforcing that we all are all leaders, regardless of our role.
Attention has now turned to the implementation of the strategy. We want you to help us shape one of the key actions to establish and embed a core set of values and associated behaviours within the Health and Social Care system.

A core set of values and behaviours will provide clarity for all staff, including prospective staff, on the values they should live every day, and the behaviours expected of them, regardless of the HSC organisation you work for. A core set of values and behaviours will send a clear message to patients, service users, families, and carers about the care and support they should expect, and how this should be delivered.

A proposed core set of values and associated behaviours have been developed:

Collaboration - We will work together across boundaries to ensure the best outcome for our people and those we care for and support. We will build co-operative relationships and share learning, recognising that shared leadership is the responsibility of all.
Compassion - We will act with sensitivity, empathy and understanding toward colleagues and those we care for and support. We will pay attention, find a shared understanding of the situation and take positive action to help ourselves and others.
Excellence - We will aspire to be the best we can be, and strive for excellence in everything we do. We will always aim to deliver safe, high-quality, compassionate care and support, with a commitment to continuous improvement.
Openness and Honesty - We will display openness and honesty with each other, acting with integrity.

This is your opportunity to have your say and provide your opinion on the drafted values and behaviours. You can access the questionnaire through the link below, where you can review the proposed core values and behaviours, as well as provide comments and feedback.
Have your say - Questionnaire
If you would like more information please view our interactive brochure through the link below:

More info - Interactive Brochure