Jingle McCringle - SET Christmas 2018


The staff in the Emergency Department, Ulster Hospital got a bit of a surprise on Saturday evening when a little Elf named Jingle McCringle arrived needing some help!

Jingle is an Elf in training and had been completing his sleigh flight training when he took a tumble and got a bump on his head. His friends thought it was best he got checked out so they used their Elf magic to transport to the Emergency Department where Jingle was triaged and treated for a little bump on his head.

The Doctor decided he should stay and rest for a little while so he was transferred to Maynard Sinclair Children’s Ward where he was greeted by Sharon who made him feel better by reading him a story.  After some rest the Doctor was happy that he was much better and Jingle was allowed to play with Ian the Elf in the playroom and on the Christmas tree!

Sharon contacted the Communications Department and explained about their VIP visitor so Sarah from Communications came to meet Jingle and make sure he had told Santa where he was! Jingle was so happy about his treatment in the Emergency Department and on Maynard Sinclair ward that he asked if he and some of his Elf friends could stay and find out more about the wonderful staff that work so hard at the South Eastern HSC Trust.  Sarah suggested that the other Elves could stay in the Emergency Department and Maynard Sinclair ward and offered Jingle the chance to become a Christmas Communications Officer, to travel around lots of different Trust facilities to meet staff and find out more about what they do. Jingle happily accepted her offer and is going to spend the next few weeks travelling around with Sarah.

We are going to post ‘Jingles Adventures’ on social media daily so remember to log in to see what he is getting up to!