Staff Development

The Organisation & Workforce Development (OWD) team is responsible for the management and coordination of a range of development activities aimed at building the capacity of the Trust to operate effectively in a challenging environment.

All OWD initiatives aim to ensure that staff are equipped with the necessary clinical, social care, technical, managerial & personal skills to enable them to deliver safe and effective care and to contribute fully to the business of the organisation.

Organisation Development

The OWD team provides support and expertise for a range of projects which aim to enhancing the operational effectiveness of the Trust by focusing on the continuous improvement of services.

Leadership and Management Development

A key priority within the Trust is the development of a community of leaders who are fully equipped with the management skills they require to do their jobs. The OWD team offers a growing selection of opportunities for all levels of management.

Staff Development

The OWD team is concerned with the development needs of every member of staff facilitating initial orientation and induction and supporting ongoing development though Elearning and face-to-face training. By maintaining close links with other training providers in both clinical and corporate settings and coordinating resources the OWD team aims to ensure that all aspects of staff skills development are covered.