Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

The Charitable Funds within the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust represent income donated by the public and consequently carry a great duty of care in their administration. This income is generally donated in recognition of services received by the donor or the donor’s family.

The Charitable Fund Committee is responsible for the administration of the Charitable Funds; and is appointed by the Trust Board.

There are two types of funds, Specific and General:

Specific funds are used where a donor specifically requests that money should be spent on a particular purpose e.g. cancer research, diabetic research.

General Funds are used for expenditure as agreed by the Charitable Funds Committee to promote patient benefit and research within the hospital. All directorates are free to bid for funding from this fund; the Charitable Fund Committee will make allocations on an annual basis.

Gift Aid is a scheme, which enables charities to reclaim from the Inland Revenue the tax, which a donor who is a taxpayer, has paid on a donation. On completion of Gift Aid Form (R190 (SD)) the Trust will be entitled to claim from the Revenue a further 28%, which can be added to the original donation. (A donation of £10.00 becomes £12.80)

Staff at ward or Facility level will be happy to advise any member of the public who wish to make a donation.

Alternatively you can forward a cheque to:

Chief Executives Office
Trust Headquarters
Ulster Hospital
Upper Newtownards Road
BT16 1RH

Telephone: (028) 9055 3100