Safety, Quality & Experience (SQE)


The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (SEHSCT) has placed improving safety, quality and the patient/client experience (SQE) as the priority corporate objective for 2011-2015.

What this means is:

  • Assuring Safety: avoiding and preventing harm to patients and clients from the care, treatment and support that is intended to help them.
  • Improving Quality: involves monitoring and use of deliberate and defined improvement processes focused on efficiency, effectiveness, performance, accountability and outcomes, which improve the health and social care of the individuals and communities we serve.
  • Testing the Experience of the Patient/Client: recognising that patients and clients have a right to experience respectful and professional care, in a considerate and supportive environment, where their privacy is protected and dignity maintained. We recognise that staff, working closely with patients/clients, are well placed to identify priority local objectives/metrics which provide the most rigorous indication of performance against Safety, Quality and Experience (SQE).
  • SEHSCT SQE approach provides clear fundamental standards, driven by the interests of patients, and devised by clinicians; delivering a “bottom up” as opposed to a “top down” system to assuring safety, quality and positive experience.

In this section find more information on quality improvement work being carried out in the trust.