Volunteer Q&A

How long does it take from when I apply to when I can start volunteering?

  • We aim to process your application and have you started within 8 weeks. This process can be sped up if relevant paperwork (ID documents, references) is sent through promptly.

Is there any training provided?

  • All volunteers will have an induction session with their key worker and any relevant additional training will be provided depending on the role.

Do I need insurance to volunteer?

  • Drivers are required to inform insurance company that they are using their vehicle for volunteer work. 

 If I don’t like the role once I start volunteering can I change it?

  • The volunteers decide what role they want to work in whilst they are going through the application process so hopefully this should reduce the risk of people not liking where they are placed. However if needed the volunteers can be moved on to a different role.

Can I claim back any travel/car parking expenses?

  • Any mileage that you do in your volunteering role you claim back using a travel claim form. Volunteers are reimbursed for travel at a rate of 37p a mile. Volunteers are reimbursed for out of packet expenses for:
    • Bus tickets
    • Rail tickets
    • Car park tickets
    All receipts must be kept in order to claim any money back

If I have to stop volunteering how much notice do I have to give?

  • No notice required however we would ask that you inform your key worker and volunteer services

How long do I have to volunteer for?

  • You can volunteer for as long as you want for

If I have any queries in regards my application who do I contact?