NMC Revalidation

From December 2015 the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) is introducing a new system of revalidation which will affect all nurses and midwives. Revalidation will replace the ‘Prep’ requirements and seeks to promote professionalism among nurses and midwives.

In order to prepare for revalidation registrants should:

  • Register with ‘NMC online’ – by clicking here this will allow you to check the date that you are due to revalidate
  • Inform your line manager of your revalidation date
  • Plan to attend an information session - click here to view details of the sessions
  • Familiarise yourself with the Revised Code - available by clicking here
  • Watch the short information video below


The Code contains the professional standards that registered nurses and midwives must uphold. UK nurses and midwives must act in line with the Code, whether they are providing direct care to individuals, groups or communities or bringing their professional knowledge to bear on nursing and midwifery practice in other roles, such as leadership, education, or research. While you can interpret the values and principles set out in the Code in a range of different practice settings, they are not negotiable or discretionary.