Smokefree HSC Premises Seminar


The South Eastern recently organised a seminar in conjunction with the Belfast Trust to mark the start of the countdown to Smoke Free Trust Premises on 9th March 2016.

It was held at the Quality Improvement and innovation Centre at South Eastern H&SC Trust, and was well attended by clinical and management delegates.

The first speaker, Dr Alan Curley PhD, talked about the experience in Scotland during the introduction of smoke free NHS premises. Dr Curley was keen to remind all Trust staff that `Every healthcare contact is a health improvement opportunity` and that Smoke free HSC premises throughout N. Ireland can be used as an opportunity to encourage smokers to quit .

As an addictions and behaviour change expert, Dr Curley recommended that all smokers have access to medications and support to help them in a quit attempt, or when unable to smoke during a hospital admission. He is also convinced that Smoke free HSC premises is the right thing to do, and can lead to sustained, long term quit attempts by smokers which will improve their health and their finances.

Dr Patrick Donnelly, Consultant Cardiologist UHD also delivered a presentation and talked about the detrimental effects of smoking on cardiac health. He also explained that smoking kills at least 2300 people each year in N.Ireland, and is the single greatest cause of preventable illness and premature death.

Dr Donnelly also shared evidence about the beneficial effects of quitting and how successful Stop Smoking Services can be in supporting smokers to quit long term. Some good news is that many Smokers who quit can benefit almost immediately, with blood pressure reducing within a few hours and exercise becoming easier within a fortnight of smoking that last cigarette.

Stopping smoking is recognised as the single most effective step that anyone can take to reduce their risk of long term illness and premature death and there is a wide variety of information and support available for anyone who is interested in stopping.

To find you nearest specialist service please visit or contact the South Eastern Trust’s Stop Smoking Team telephone (028) 92 501373.