e-Recruitment & RSSC Information for Staff


eRec, the new recruitment tool which forms part of the Human Resources Payroll Travel Subsistence (HRPTS) system, is being deployed on a phased approach within the Trust from 15 February to June 2016. It will used for the recruitment of all posts (including medical posts at a later date).

In addition, as part of the Business Services Transformation Programme, the Recruitment Shared Service Centre (RSSC), Armagh, model of service delivery will come into operation on a phased basis from 15 February to June 2016.

What does this mean for the Trust?

Directorates will be deployed to the new e-Rec system and to the RSSC at various stages throughout this period. The Deployment Schedule below shows the timelines of when each Directorate is making the transition.

RSSC will not action medical staffing or Senior Executive Recruitment, which will remain within the Trust although the eRec functionality is going to be used.

RSSC will advertise posts solely through the new eRec website. This will involve externally advertising or recruiting the post from existing waiting lists, which has been passed to them from the Trust’s Recruitment team.

What does this mean me as a potential applicant?

The existing Trust’s Recruitment Team and RSSC will be simultaneously working on recruiting for these posts and during this interim period, both websites will be advertising South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust posts.

Please note that during this transition period, some posts will be advertised on the current/old website (www.hscrecruit.com version 1- advertised by SET) and other posts will be on the new website (http://v2.hscrecruit.com version 2 - advertised by RSSC).

Internal trawls will be treated in the same way and posts may be advertised on either system during the transition period, as per the Deployment Schedule Drops (note the drop timelines on the left hand side of the table).

You do not have to wait until a post is available to create a Profile Page on the new eRec system. Your profile page will include Personal Details, Employment History, Referee Details, Professional Registration Details (if applicable), Residency/Immigration Details and these can be updated at any time. Your existing profile on HSCrecruit.com will not transfer over and you will need to create a new profile.

Please do not leave applying for any roles in the new eRec system until the last minute as once you have your profile page completed, you can use this key data again if applying for other posts.

If you need support on the eRec system, you can contact the following email address for help: eRec.CandidateSupport@hscni.net

We are in the process of compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions which will be put on the eRec page on i-Connect that should answer a lot of queries.

If you have any queries about this communication, please do not hesitate to contact:

Elaine O’Neill, Recruitment, Medical Staffing & Workforce Information Manager on 92665141 ext. 87601 or Mobile Phone - 0791 2046 163