Ministers Visit New Supported Living Scheme


Health Minister, Simon Hamilton MLA and Lord Morrow, Minister for Social Development have visited Cuan Court Supported Living Scheme in Newtownards and met with tenants, their families and staff to view the state of the art facilities available.

Cuan Court Supported Living Scheme is a supported housing facility built in partnership with the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust, Apex Housing Association and Northern Ireland Housing Executive/Supporting People.

This purpose built facility opened in September 2014 for frail older people and older people with mild to moderate dementia and was built to the design and decoration specification principles specified by the Dementia Services Design Centre.

There are 24 self-contained apartments with shared communal spaces, 14 two bed/3 person apartments and 10 one bed/2 person apartments. Each apartment has its own kitchen/dining/living space and separate bedrooms with ensuite bathroom. 12 apartments for frail older people are over two floors and there are 12 ground floor apartments for older people with mild to moderate dementia.

Each tenant has their own front door which is unique to them with a memory box outside the apartment which helps with wayfinding. This is filled with personal memorabilia unique to the tenant and a number or picture on the door. Assistive technology is also used to maintain the person’s safety unobtrusively. This can be isolating the electricity to the cooker so that it is only ‘live’ at a time when family or staff are present to help with cooking.

An individual plan of care and support is tailored for each person, to enable them to live independently and safely in their own home. Support can include assistance with cooking, laundry, shopping and help with finances.

Supported Housing is a person centred model that enables people, including older people and those with mild to moderate dementia to live independently in a supportive environment.


Pictured above:  Health Minister, Simon Hamilton, MLA, Ray Forbes (Director of Development APEX Housing Assoc.), Rhonda Robinson (Manager, Cuan Court), Hugh McCaughey (Chief Executive, South Eastern HSC Trust), Lord Morrow, Minister, Department Social Development & Gerry Kelly, (Chief Executive, Apex Housing Assoc)

Pictured:  Tenant Anne Gibson meets DSD Minister, Lord Morrow and Health Minister, Simon Hamilton, MLA

 Hugh McCaughey (Chief Executive, South Eastern HSC Trust), Sarah Browne (Asst. Director Older Peoples Services, South Eastern HSC Trust), Rhonda Robinson (Manager, Cuan Court) & Health Minister, Simon Hamilton, MLA

Hugh McCaughey (Chief Executive, South Eastern HSC Trust), Anne Sweeney (Asst. Director Supporting People), Lord Morrow, DSD Minister, Rhonda Robinson (Manager, Cuan Court) & Gerry Kelly (Chief Executive, Apex Housing Assoc).

Health MInister, Simon Hamilton, MLA chats with some of the tenants