William Street Children's Home Celebrates 20th Birthday


As of 19th February, William Street Children’s Home has been open for 20 years. This coincided with VOYPIC's (Voices of Young People In Care) Care Day which promotes care and celebrates children and young people in care.

The objectives of Care Day NI were to raise the profile and celebrate children in care and care leavers and to promote a shared sense of identity and positive, strong connections between young people with care experience.

There is a strong connection between young people who have a care experience and some talk with pride about their experience of growing up in care and their care identity. VOYPIC believe in the benefits of children, young people and adults being able to embrace their care identity. There is value in being part of a wider group with a shared experience.

Care Day NI  promoted a positive, shared care identity. VOYPIC hope this will help educate the public and media on issues about children and young people in care and care leavers. The day focused on celebrating the experiences and achievements of children in care and care leavers.

William Street Children's Home celebrated Care Day and their 20th Birthday with an informal lunch for ex-staff and residents who have passed through the doors (700 + young people across the 20 years).

Find out more about VOYPIC and Care Day here.

Eleanor Smyth Assistant Principal Social Worker and Linda Young, Team Leader.

Adrian Graham, Team Leader; Francesca Graham, Non Executive Director; Jacqui Mcgarvey Assistant Director Cared for Children and Eddie Wallace VOYPIC

Catering Staff:  Leonora Shirley, Doreen Boyd and Deborah Rae