Trust Launches Self Directed Support Providers Toolkit


The Trust is delighted on World Social Work Day to welcome provider organisations to launch the Self Directed Support Provider Toolkit.

The introduction of Self Directed Support in Northern Ireland will require cultural, organisational & systems change. The Toolkit contains sections of overarching topics that the providers identified as areas of need, to support them to embrace Self Directed Support. Each section of this toolkit provides information, publications, links and contact details for a wide range of services and organisations.

By making this toolkit available on the Trusts internet page individuals, families and carers will have access to information and resources to support them in their decision making supported by their Social Worker or Keyworker.

The Trust recognised the importance of provider organisations being ready and equipped for change and made an application to the Social Work Innovation Fund. The proposal was to promote partnership working with Independent Providers in the Trust to develop an infrastructure for the future delivery of Self Directed Support. The successful application facilitated a series of workshops to support providers with the change and the outcome saw the production of the Self Directed Support Toolkit.

The success of the project has relied on the continued involvement and the contribution of many organisations working with us and sharing information to be included in the Toolkit – this project has demonstrated how much we can achieve when we work in partnership.

To access the Toolkit, please click here




Pictured at the launch: Roslyn Dougherty (Asst. Director SW Learning, Development & Research), Brendan Whittle (Director of Children's Services/Executive Director of Social Work), Eileen McKay (Learning & Development Co-Ordinator) & Veronica Cleland (Implementation Officer, Self Directed Support)