Social Workers Engage with NISCC to Celebrate New Framework


World Social Work Day‬ was a great opportunity to celebrate Social Workers engaging in Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) new Professional in Practice framework to recognise continuous professional development.

Tony McAllister, Training Team Manager within the Trust has been successfully adopting a quality improvement approach in engaging Social Workers in this process in partnership with Brenda Horgan from NISCC.

All of the Social Work Training and Governance Team are now registered and collecting credits, as is Brendan Whittle, Executive Director of Social Work within the Trust.

We are keen to help other Social Workers to sign up and claim their own credits with NISCC, so if you would like assistance to do this, please contact


Pictured is Brenda Horgan (Professional Advisor, NISCC), Roslyn Dougherty (Asst. Director SW Learning, Development & Research), Brendan Whittle (Director of Children's Services/Executive Director of Social Work), Eileen McKay (Learning & Development Co-Ordinator) & Tony McAllister (Training Team Manager)