Emergency Fostering Scheme


South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust are seeking to recruit professional foster carers for their Emergency Fostering Scheme. The scheme provides care for children/young people, aged from birth – 18 years, who require a foster home in an emergency.

You should have experience of working with children and young people, through parenting, employment, volunteering or current/previous foster carer experience.




Essential Criteria:

• Two spare bedrooms, to accommodate up to three children/young people

• One carer to be available 24/7


You will receive:

• A fee of £18,000 to allow a carer to remain at home full time

• Additional fostering allowances

• On-going social work support

• Training

• Out of hours support from Regional Emergency Social Work Service (includes evenings, weekends, bank holidays)


Download ‘Emergency Scheme’ flyer here.

If you are interested and wish to find out more information, please contact South Eastern HSC Trust Recruitment and Assessment Team on 0500 827 558. You can find out more about fostering for your local HSC Trust by visiting www.adoptionandfostering.hscni.net where you can also enquire online.


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