New Health Initiative for School Children


The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in partnership with St Mary’s Primary School, Killyleagh has introduced a new health and wellbeing activity for primary school children.

The “Daily Mile” is a programme designed to encourage children to take part in a 15 minute walk or run with their teacher each day with each child working at their own ability level. As the children take part every day their fitness levels will improve and as it becomes a habit it will become easier for them to take part over time.

The introduction of the Daily Mile is a part of a wider need nationally to support children to meet (at least) the minimum daily guidelines for physical activity (60 minutes, moderate to vigorous). The benefits of the programme include Children being more focused and ready to learn when they come back into the classroom, improvement of children’s sleep patterns, increase in confidence levels, being outside and interacting with their teachers in a more relaxed way and reduction in obesity levels.

Trudy Brown, Health Development Specialist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust states “we are really excited about the benefits that this initiative this can bring to children. It is an initiative taken from successes in Scotland and is a very simple thing to do. The Trust wish to work with a number of schools to explore the benefits and practicalities of the initiative and it is a credit to the education staff who are showing leadership in helping develop the pupils health, fitness and wellbeing”.

Mrs D Miller, Principal St Mary’s Primary School added “We are delighted to be involved in this new initiative. The Daily Mile provides the opportunity to enthuse our pupils to strive to achieve personal goals. This attitude of perseverance can be applied to their learning in class. Additionally, it promotes the importance of the physical and emotional wellbeing of the children in St. Mary’s Primary School’.

For further information on the “Daily Mile” programme please contact Trudy Brown Health Development Specialist on

Pictured above are Pupils from St Mary's Primary School with Trudy Brown (Health Development Specialist, South Eastern HSC Trust)& Mrs Miller, (Principal, St Mary’s PS, Killyleagh)