NI Alcohol Awareness Week - Getting the Help you need for Drugs/Alcohol Use


Getting the right help at the right time is essential for people who develop problems with alcohol and drugs. Not only does it affect the person it also affects their families. The Newry Mourne & Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) along with the Health Development Team in the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust recently launched the ‘Guide to Alcohol & Drug Services’ in the area, which coincides with the NI Alcohol Awareness Week.

The leaflet comes is available in two separate formats, one for the Newry & Mourne area and one for the Down area. It includes a roadmap which details the range of services from prevention to early intervention and intensive support in both the South Eastern and Southern Trusts. The services available are for both young people and adults and will include support for family members. People using the roadmap will be able to determine their personal relationship with alcohol and drug use and therefore choose the right level of support for them.

Ed Sipler, Health Development Specialist, South Eastern HSC Trust says” No one sets out to get into bother with alcohol or any other type of drug. Yet problems can creep up on people and when they do they can have devastating effects on the person or the people around them. Knowing where and how to get help is essential.”

Councillor Mickey Larkin, Chair of PCSP stated “This is a great initiative by the partners involved. Drugs/Alcohol affects so many people and their families and not enough information is provided on where to get the help and support. This leaflet will help provide some guidance for those affected.

A downloadable copy of the leaflets will be available on the Connections Service website, who support the Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams across Northern Ireland, at  or can be collected at the Newry Mourne & Down Council Offices.