Trust Launches New Health Initative For School Children


The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in partnership with a number of primary schools have been piloting locally the “Daily Mile” Initiative. This programme encourages children to take part in a 15 minute walk or run with their teacher every day.

The introduction of the Daily Mile is a part of a wider need nationally to support children to meet (at least) the minimum daily guidelines for physical activity (60 minutes, moderate to vigorous). The benefits of the programme include children being more focused and ready to learn when they come back into the classroom, improvement of children’s sleep patterns, increase in confidence levels, being outside and interacting with their teachers in a more relaxed way and reduction in obesity levels.


Trudy Brown, Health Development Specialist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust said “In gaining feedback from Ballinderry Primary school children, the vast majority are enjoying the programme and wish for it to continue. Considering the abnormal hot weather we have been having recently this is fantastic news. Staff already report seeing positive changes in the children and would absolutely recommend it to other schools. Education staff are to be commended for showing leadership in engaging the children in developing their health, fitness and wellbeing.”


Mrs L Magowan, Principal, Ballinderry Primary School added, “We started the “Daily Mile” programme in Ballinderry Primary at the end of April and I have received many positive comments from pupils, staff and parents. The school secretary and myself try to get out for our mile with a different class each day and we both feel the better for leaving our desks and getting some daily exercise.”


Pictured are pupils from Ballinderry Primary School with Trudy Brown (Health Development Specialist, South Eastern HSC Trust) Wendy McDowell & Johnny Campbell (Ballinderry Primary) & Lorraine Magowan (Principal, Ballinderry Primary)