Downe Hospital Workout At Work Day A Great Success


The Physiotherapy Department in the Downe Hospital would like to thank all those who participated at the recent “Workout at Work day” with over 46 staff members taking an active part in various events throughout the day.

Activities included a 12 min and 20 minute supervised walk, a chair based exercise class and a circuit class.

National physical activity guidelines recommend 150 mins (30 mins 5 times a week) moderate activity or 75 mins vigorous activity per week to reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, falls, depression, dementia, joint and back pain and some cancers. A questionnaire of participants showed less than 15% were meeting these targets.

Given the statistics and due to the popularity of the events, the Physiotherapy Department has resolved to continue to run physical activities for staff.

A 15 minute walk will leave the Downe Hospital from the main foyer at 1pm from Monday – Thursday and a 10 minute circuit class will be available at the back of the hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.45 am.


Staff from the Downe Hospital at the information stand

Downe Hospital Physio staff supporting Workout at Work Day

Staff taking part in exercise classes