Ulster Hospital Travel Plan Launched


The Ulster Hospital Travel Plan has been launched at an event held in the Innovation Centre. Car parking at the Ulster Hospital has become a major problem, and we need the help of all staff in resolving this. Every possible car parking space on the Ulster Hospital site is in use, yet we still have a long list of staff waiting to be allocated a space.

The objectives of the Travel Plan aim to: 

  • Encourage and facilitate alternatives to single occupancy car journeys to the Ulster Hospital, wherever practicable;
  • Reduce demand for car parking amongst those Ulster Hospital staff who can feasibly travel by alternative means;
  • Promote the health benefits of active travel modes to hospital staff and to help encourage uptake of these modes;
  • Reduce the need to travel for applicable staff by providing appropriate technology where possible;
  • Improve relations with the surrounding community by ameliorating the impacts of Hospital staff parking off site.

While we continue to explore every avenue to increase parking capacity, one of the ways in which we could move forward is to embrace sustainable alternatives, such as car sharing and cycling, or walking to work. A Travel to Work survey was carried out and showed the uptake of these options are very low, but new developments in the Ulster Hospital Travel Plan may be able to make these more attainable.

To view the plan, please click here

Chief Executive Hugh McCaughey in the driving seat of the electrocity bus as the Trust launches the Ulster Hospital Travel Plan, a range of sustainable alternatives to driving to work

The Travel Plan was launched by Director of Nursing Nicki Patterson, with Janice Clarke and Richard Walker

Ward 12 ward manager Seamus Reid attended the launch of the Ulster Hospital Travel Plan today. Seamus uses the most sustainable alternative to driving to work of all - he runs to work. He says it keeps him fit and slim, so he can enjoy his food. When he doesn't feel like running, he cycles in instead!

Service Assistants Chloe Johnston & Thomas Carroll attended the launch of the Ulster Hospital Travel Plan, offering sustainable alternatives for the journey to work. Thomas, who works in Ward 15, walks to work and Chloe travels by bus.