£1000 donated to the MacDermott Unit


Members of the Pritchitts Care Committee donated £1000 to The MacDermott Chemotheraphy Unit after first fundraising campaign.

The new members of the Pritchitts Charity Committee have got off to a great start with their fundraising campaigns. Their first event they chose to participate in was the Ards 1/2 marathon with 12 participants who raised £1000.

The £1000 raised was donated to The MacDermott Chemotherapy Unit. The MacDermott Unit fund is for the sole use of the unit. The monies raised will contribute towards patient comfort, equipment, printing of unit booklets and various hot drinks that are supplied in the waiting area.

12 members of committee have since organised another event, a cake sale on site. Philip Hunter, Chairman of the Charity Committee, stated, " We are trying to get more fundraising events together to keep the momentum going. It is challenging in order to organise people and get them to offer their spare time."

The committee are aiming to have four more big events throughout the year along with smaller ones. For example, a Christmas draw and Easter draw. Along with external events such as night at the races and five a side tour.

The staff of the MacDermott Unit would like to thank the Pritchitts staff for their generosity and the Trust would like to wish the Pritchitts Charity Committee all the very best in their future fundraising events.