Aqua Natal Yoga Classes for Mums-To-Be


Staying active with exercise in pregnancy will boost not only a woman’s health but that of her baby. If you don’t normally exercise regularly this is a good time to start!

Within the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust, Midwives are committed to supporting women to improve and maintain their health. Exercise during pregnancy and learning breathing techniques can help women prepare for an active labour and a healthy transition to parenting.

Aqua Natal Yoga is a great way to exercise when you are pregnant even if you’ve not been to regular exercise classes. Now women can attend Aqua Natal Yoga classes at Lagan Valley LeisurePlex provided by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. These classes are delivered by Royal College of Midwives Accredited Practitioners.

Within the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust, Midwives offer hypnobirthing classes and reflexology for pregnant women. If you wish to avail of Hypnobirthing and Reflexology and are booked for midwifery-led care in the South Eastern Trust, please contact your local midwifery led unit:

Lagan Valley Hospital: (028) 9263 3534

Downe Hospital: (028) 4461 6995

Home from Home Unit, Ulster Hospital: (028) 9056 4777

Those interested in booking Aqua Natal Yoga Classes can contact Lagan Valley LeisurePlex on (028) 9267 2121


Local parents and Midwives from Lagan Valley and Ulster Hospital Midwifery Led units enjoying Aqua Natal Yoga. If they can do it so can you!