Local Schools Support Daily Mile Initiative


The Trust has been working in partnership recently with local primary schools to trial “The Daily Mile” initiative, which is designed to encourage children to take part in a 15 minute walk or run with their teacher each day with each child working to their own ability level.

Rowandale Primary school, St Marys Primary School, St Comgalls and Killard Primary Schools recently had an opportunity to host separate roadshow events with Elaine Wylie the Founder of The Daily Mile to promote and showcase the difference it is making to children’s health and wellbeing.

The programme was founded in Scotland in 2012 by Elaine Wylie, a former head teacher. Now retired, Elaine devotes her time to helping schools and councils adopt The Daily Mile, with the hope that one day every child will have the opportunity to do a Daily Mile as part of their primary education. Elaine, a truly inspirational speaker, presented the programme and those schools that hosted the events also shared their experiences of the programme in operation.

Elaine says, “The Daily Mile has been described by so many as a “no brainer”, offering a wealth of health and wellbeing benefits to children at a critical time in their development. As The Daily Mile grows in popularity, I hope see this initiative formally endorsed for all UK schools just as it has been in Scotland.”

Trudy Brown (Health Development Specialist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust) who has been supporting the roll out of The Daily Mile says “I am thrilled that we had 35 schools register interest in this exciting, low cost, big benefit programme. I am sure that many of these schools will initiate the programme and to that end a lot of children and teaching staff will gain the benefits. A big thank you to everyone who made these events a success”.



Pictured: Trudy Brown (Health Development Specialist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust), John Wylie & Elaine Wylie (Founder of the ‘Daily Mile’), Colin Millar (Principal, Killard Primary School), Elizabeth Brown (Senior Teacher, Killard Primary School) and pupils.