Fraud Awareness Week


International Fraud Awareness Week, coordinated by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), brings together businesses from across the globe and from all sectors of commerce including aviation, retail, finance, telecommunications and health care.

Locally, our colleagues in Business Services Organisation (BSO) Counter Fraud Services are taking the lead to assist Health & Social Care Trusts in raising awareness of potential fraud risks, as well as provide investigative support where fraud is detected.

This week, in partnership with BSO, the Trust will be communicating a series of important messages to help educate staff further on the causes and consequences of fraud in the Health and Social Care Sector.

These include:

· What is Fraud and unexpected examples of what Fraud looks like?
· How Fraud can occur?
· What impact does Fraud have on patient care?

Within the Trust your local Fraud Liaison Officer is Brian Grimley, and you can contact Brian on (028) 9151 2054 or at

To report an incident of suspected fraud externally, please call the HSC Fraud Hotline on (0800) 096 3396 or send a report online at

For further information on Fraud, click on the links below:

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