Know Your Limits Don't Speculate, Calculate


Two of the Social Enterprises which form part of The Resurgam Trust are delighted to be working with the Alcohol and You Programme in the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, the Connections Team, and the Public Health Agency as part of Alcohol Awareness Week to promote sensible drinking messages

Premier Taxi Company, The Highway Inn and Trumbles Off Sales have trained staff and will be distributing promotional materials to encourage the public to monitor their consumption of alcohol and to be aware of potentially still being over the drink driving limit the morning after a night of drinking.

  • Customers will be encouraged to undertake alcohol self-assessment at with a chance of winning an iPad mini.
  • Premier Taxi Company will give out business cards to their clients with a “Never Drink and Drive” message.

The Resurgam Trust Director Adrian Bird says “Our Social Enterprises are ideally placed to promote sensible drinking and in particular to be active in reminding our customers and community members of the clear message of not drinking and driving – even the morning after, keeping our roads and communities much safer. Partnering with Alcohol and You and the Connections Team has been an excellent way of bringing their expertise into our business and ultimately to the community”

The Highway Inn Manager Neil Reilly added “We welcome the chance to develop the knowledge and skills of our staff, we see the bar as a community resource, a place to stay connected and socialise and therefore it is helpful for our staff to be skilled in promoting sensible drinking.”

If you need help or know someone who does call (0800) 254 5123 and speak to the Alcohol and You Team.

For free Self-help online and more information around the effects of alcohol on your health visit

Alcohol and you also off support to families, who may be living with someone else’s alcohol use, call (0800) 254 5123 for further information.


Pictured at a training event are staff and drivers from Premier Taxi, The Highways Inn and Trumbles Off Sales and staff from the Connections Team and Alcohol and You Programme