Neonatal Staff, Ulster Hospital Celebrate World Prematurity Day 2016


On Thursday 17 November 2016 the Ulster Hospital Neonatal staff supported World Prematurity Day by hosting an information stand outside the Oasis restaurant, Ulster Hospital in partnership with Tiny Life.

The Neonatal staff were on hand to give advice and information about Neonatal care and the great work that they do. They were joined by Tiny Life Ambassador, Paddy Wallace (Ulster Rugby) who has been a patron of the charity since 2007 and two sets of triplets who were treated in the Neonatal unit at the Ulster Hospital, along with their parents.

Alison Bartlett, Neonatal Ward Manager would like to thank all the Neonatal Staff who helped to organise the day and a huge thanks to Paddy Wallace and our Neonatal triplet graduates who took time out of their busy schedules to come and entertain everyone outside the Oasis restaurant. Everyone commented how amazing all the triplets were and were fascinated by their stories. Members of the public and South East Trust were delighted to see the families and were so generous with their donations for Tiny Life, raising £180.

For more information please contact Alison Bartlett (Neonatal Ward Manager) on 02890 567996, 02890 550471 or extension 80850.

Pictured left to right: Sarah Moore (Staff Nurse), Alison Bartlett (Neonatal Ward Manager), Natasha & Gordon Adger with their daughters Brynn, Freya & Remy and Paddy Wallace (Ulster Rugby & Tiny Life Patron).

Neonatal Sister, Joanne Megrath, Staff Nurse, Sarah Moore, Neonatal Ward Manager, Alison Bartlett and Dr Danielle Leeman, Clinical Fellow

Paddy Wallace (Ulster Rugby & Tiny Life Patron)

Sarah Moore (Staff Nurse), Joanne Megrath (Neonatal Sister), Alison Bartlett (Neonatal Ward Manager), Dr Christine McFeely, and Dr Danielle Leeman with the Adger Family Triplets.

Paddy Wallace (Ulster Rugby & Tiny Life Patron)

Dr Danielle Leeman, Alison Bartlett (Neonatal Ward Manager), Gavin Morgan, Clare Morgan along with Cole, Cian and Cealsa Morgan.

Dr Danielle Leeman, Natasha & Gordon Adger with their daughters Brynn, Freya & Remy, Alison Bartlett (Neonatal Ward Manager), Gavin Morgan and Clare Morgan along with their children Cole, Cian and Cealsa.