ED Staff Pledge Christmas Promises To Patients


As ever our Emergency Department Staff are thinking of others this Christmas time.

Members of staff have created a ‘Promise Tree’ on which each staff member has made a promise to their patients after thinking hard about what they would like someone to do for them or a loved one in hospital this Christmas. Staff members have written their promise down on a Christmas bauble and hung it on the ‘Promise Tree’ which is displayed in the Emergency Department Reception.

Our dedicated staff has once again shown their compassion and understanding to all who need their care this Christmas time and all year through.


Pictured left to right: Denise Watt, Anne Snoddy (floor), Aaron Sturdy (Student Nurse), Pauline Mahood, Jill McGregor, Suzanne Nellins, Sarah Gray, Liz Nelson (floor)

Please see below for a small selection of promises pledged by staff:

I promise to be a safe practitioner 2017

We will promise to stay full of Xmas cheer in all situations that test our patience

This Christmas I promise to ensure my patients are comfortable

Treat everyone the same

I promise to introduce myself to the patient #Hello my name is .....

I promise to be empathetic

I promise to be kind & caring

Listen more to their concerns

I promise to think with my heart