Handcrafted Gifts for Neonatal Babies in the Ulster Hospital this Christmas


A Neonatal Midwife has kindly donated beautiful handcrafted Christmas stockings and dolls for the babies staying in the unit over Christmas.


Lynn Francis, a Neonatal Midwife was on holiday with her family recently in Co.Mayo where due to the remote location of their accommodation there was no T.V. or Wi-Fi signal.

To occupy herself on the dark wintry evenings, Lynn found a knitting pattern, bought some wool and crafted beautiful individual Christmas stockings and a variety of dolls for the babies currently residing in the Neonatal unit at the Ulster Hospital where she works.

A stocking will be placed on the outside of each babies cot on Christmas Eve so that Santa can place a doll inside each one for Christmas morning.

Alison Bartlett, Neonatal Manager said, “ We were delighted to see Lynn's beautiful hand made presents for all the babies who will be spending their first Christmas in hospital. It is a difficult time for families at Christmas and such thoughtful gestures from staff will help make precious memories. The staff of the Neonatal Unit would like to wish their current and former patients and their families a very happy Christmas and New Year.