Midwifery Work Experience Package


Transforming work experience for the South Eastern Trust.

The South Eastern HSC Trust recently launched a New Midwifery Work Experience Package combining an action-packed Careers Day with an interactive Careers e-Magazine  bringing the world of Midwifery to life for young people considering a career in the field. The interactive and bespoke e-Magazine is a collaboration between the Organisation and Workforce Development Team, the Practice Education Team and Midwifery. It was unveiled at a recent Midwifery Careers Day to enhance the experience of the young people in attendance.

In a climate which sees the health service under growing pressure, innovation is essential to optimise provision and meet the growing demand of student requests for work experience. Following feedback from students, parents, schools and staff, the Trust has taken a fresh approach to connecting with students making it easier for them to find the information that will influence their decision about a career in Midwifery. Students attending the Careers Day are able to meet and interact with a wide range of health care professionals and representatives from Queens University Belfast, they engage in ‘hands-on’ practical skills stations, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), hand hygiene and birthing dummies, culminating in a tour of the state of the art facilities at the Ulster Hospital’s Midwifery Unit.

In addition, using simple design and interactive multi-media content, the widely accessible digital resource Midwifery e-Magazine can reach out to schools, colleges and individuals to build better communication, while increasing career visibility through articles, real video stories and information relating to career pathways. The Trust is committed to ensuring young people within its geographical area are offered work experience programmes that support them to identify and progress towards their chosen career pathway.

If you would like to view the e-Magazine you can use the following link: https://view.pagetiger.com/Midwifery/Midwifery