Launch of the Healthier You Initiative


The South Eastern HSC Trust’s, Health Development Team recently launched their Healthier You Initiative which comprises of three services:

Stop Smoking

Health Coaching

Alcohol and You

The very successful and heavily attended event was held on Tuesday 24 April 2018 in the lecture theatre, QIIC at the Ulster Hospital. Members of the Health Development Team, Hospital Services and Psychology presented on how their individual teams were involved with developing and delivering the new Model.

With an initial focus on hospital services where patients referred to secondary care, across a number of specialities, could often experience significantly improved health outcomes if they were able to adopt more healthy lifestyle choices. Sometimes the health gains from relatively modest behaviour changes can exceed those that are achievable via medical or surgical intervention. There is now robust evidence that the best way to help patients achieve these changes is not through a traditional ‘education’ approach, but rather via a coaching model whereby patients are motivated and empowered to set and take ownership for the delivery of their own health and well-being goals. The three services all focus on behavioural change and the health coaching is twelve, 1:1 coaching sessions which is an approach that guides and prompts people to be active participants in behavioural change.



Pictured at the launch are: left to right, Colin Spratt, Operations Manager, Medicine, Hugh McCaughey, Chief Executive, Seamus McGoran, Director of Hospital Services, Shirley McClelland, Smoking Cessation Specialist, Lynda Vladeanu, Health Development Manager, Jodie McGoldrick, Health Coach, Ed Sipler, Health Development Specialist, Rodger Graham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.