Quitter Richard is crowned Men's Health Champion 2018.


Richard Walker, Transport, Travel, Planning, Parking and Postal Services Manager took on the very daunting challenge to quit smoking for Men’s Health Week 2018. We are delighted to announce that Richard is still a quitter and although he has had some bumps along the road he is determined to continue with his journey reaping many health and financial benefits along the way.

Richard has already brought his CO reading down from a shocking 32 to 2 which is a fabulous achievement; he has purchased new clothes, has his eye on a new car with the savings he has made so far and has even got his old bike out of the garage to start exercising which is something he would not have thought of doing while he was smoking!

As Richard has achieved so much and has set a great example for others to consider becoming a quitter he was chosen to receive the Men’s Health Champion Trophy which was presented by Chief Executive, Hugh McCaughey.

Richard’s colleagues have been very supportive so far and will continue to be, wishing him continued success in his quitting journey.

Shirley McClelland, Smoking Cessation Specialist said “What a great result to watch Richard transform from contented smoker to quitter. He looks so much healthier already (although he doesn’t believe me when I tell him that!) and should be really proud that he has taken control over his tobacco addiction which for many years had control of him. Keep up the great work Richard and thanks for being such a good sport to let us document your journey.”