Trust signs up to Equality Commission Charters


The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust along with the other Health & Social Care Trusts across Northern Ireland have now signed up to two Equality Commission initiatives.  These initiatives are the Mental Health Charter and the disability access initiative ‘Every Customer Counts’.

The Trusts, in signing up to the initiatives have made a voluntary commitment to work to improve the working lives of any of their employees who are experiencing mental ill-health and to consider what steps they can take to help people with a disability access their services more easily.

Myra Weir, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, said “The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust welcomes the opportunity to sign up to the Every Customer Counts Charter and the Mental Health Charter.  Both of these Charters underpin our commitment to our patients, service users, carers and our staff. The Trust continues to work to ensure that services and facilities are accessible and inclusive.  We also have in place programmes and initiatives to ensure that our staff feel valued and supported”.

Also speaking at today’s event, Dr Evelyn Collins, CBE, Chief Executive of the Equality Commission NI said: “It is most encouraging that all Trusts have committed themselves to the principles and objectives of both these charters which can make a real difference to the lives of people facing difficulties. We welcome their commitment and hope it will encourage other organisations across the public sector to follow suit.”


Pictured are left to right: John Gow (NI Ambulance Service), Myra Weir (South Eastern Trust), Vivienne Toal (Southern Trust), Barney McNeaney (Southern Trust), Ursula Doherty (Western Trust), Dr Evelyn Collins CBE (ECNI), Breige Donaghy (Northern Trust) and Jacqui Kennedy (Belfast Trust)