'Take 5 Ways to Wellbeing'


‘Take 5 Ways to wellbeing’ is a set of  evidence -base public health messages aimed at improving the wellbeing of the whole population.

New Economics Foundation (NEF) has undertaken research on Mental Capital and Wellbeing, and results  state that if practiced regularly this up to date evidence suggests that building the ‘5 Ways to wellbeing’  activities into our day to day lives our mental health and wellbeing will be improved. It also states that practicing the activities can add 7 years on to your life.


Connect; with people around you; friends, family, colleagues, remember these are the cornerstones of your life
Keep learning; something new, unearth an old skill, challenge yourself and build your confidence
Be active; walk, swim, cycle, play a game, enjoy a level of fitness to suit you and makes you feel good
Take notice; of the world around you, the changing seasons, reflect on these will enable you to appreciate what matters
Give; smile at someone, offer your time, join a community group and create connections with people around you.