Do You Kangaroo?


The Neonatal Unit at the Ulster Hospital are taking part in this year’s Kangaroo-A-Thon running between the 1-14 May 2019.

This year’s Kangaroo Challenge focuses on the impact of Kangaroo Care on the mental health of parents and their infants. Kangaroo care is when parents hold their babies on their skin; this promotes bonding, decreases stress and anxiety for both parents and baby, increases milk production for mothers and also increases parent’s confidence in taking care of their little one. Kangaroo Care is known to be extremely important in the growth and development of babies especially in those who were born early.

This challenge encourages staff and parents to work together to not only complete the challenge but to ensure the babies in the units are benefitting from the many health advantages kangaroo care provides. For more information on kangaroo care visit: