'Make the time and take the time'


During #MensHealthWeek 2019, people are being asked to both ‘make the time and take the time’ to be more cancer aware because #MensHealthMatters

Did you know that there are a number of steps that men could take to cut their cancer risk? For example, making small healthy lifestyle choices every day; knowing the signs, checking for changes in your body and getting screening tests; getting checked out if you notice anything unusual or if you’re worried about your health; learning more about cancer and how to reduce the risk …

To find out more about cancer, how to avoid it, and where to get support if you have it, visit: www.cancer.ie/reduce-your-risk | www.cancerfocusni.org/cancer-prevention | www.mariekeating.ie/get-men-talking | www.actioncancer.org/Cancer-Info/What-is-Cancer | www.bowelscreen.ie