The Downe Hospital, Ten Years On


Ten years ago, on 28 June 2009, the Downe Hospital in Downpatrick opened its doors on the Ardglass Road. In a great display of teamwork and collective leadership, all patients were successfully transferred in one morning from the old hospital in Pound Lane

Almost three times larger than the former Downe Hospital, and boasting cutting edge technologies and state of the art operating theatres, the Downe delivers acute hospital, acute mental health and dementia services, as well as a range of primary care services.

In the decade since it opened, the Downe Hospital has introduced a number of new services including:

Cataract service

Trustwide Bowel Cancer screening

Trustwide Sexual Health Service

Midwifery Led Unit

Virtual Fracture Clinic

 Enhanced care at Home

Now, our fantastic cataract service has been recognized and given prototype status as one of the three new Regional Elective Care Centres for cataracts.

Downe Hospital services have been especially successful in establishing new ways of working, such as the Frail Elderly Rapid Assessment unit, the evolving model of the Urgent Care co-operative and  self-referrals to Physiotherapy to shortcut the patient journey.

Since 2009, we have created the conditions for greater integration of care provision for the benefit of local patients and service users. In 2012, the Downe Hospital was able to accommodate the GP and Primary Care Centre, including two local GP Practices and dental services for our most complex patients. This collaborative approach laid the foundation for the further development of a trailblazing Multi-Disciplinary Team in 2018 which wraps around GP services to successfully support a wide range of service users and patients.

Director of Hospital Services, Seamus McGoran said: “The Downe Hospital continues to be a shining light. As healthcare evolves and service models change, our wonderful staff have embraced that change and adopted new ways of delivering services. This has brought it to where it is today- an exemplar of integrated hospital and community care which provides first class care to our local population. It has evolved into a unique model of care which others could learn from.”

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