Self Directed Support Providers Toolkit

I am delighted to welcome you to the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trusts Providers Toolkit for Self Directed Support. This toolkit was created and designed in partnership with a number of our current Independent, Voluntary and Community Care Providers.

Self Directed Support is one of the ways that we can transform traditional social care services to put people in control of their own support. This is important to Trusts, to Health and Social Care regionally and to independent, voluntary and community providers. Moreover it is important to those who use our services.

Self Directed Support has the potential to transform Social Care Services from a service-led system to one that promotes autonomy and independence by giving people more choice and control over their support arrangements. Self-Directed Support is a unique partnership between families, individuals, services, third and independent sector organisations and Government bodies. Right now, there are many exciting opportunities for providers to engage in more person centred approaches – making a real difference in the lives of people who use services.

Good quality care and support are often dependent on the effective interplay between a range of agencies and services. Included within the sections of this toolkit are the overarching topics that the providers identified as areas of need, to support them to embrace Self Directed Support. Each section of this toolkit provides information, publications, links and contact details for a wide range of services and organisations. this information is only a guide and it is not meant to be exhaustive. Each provider organisation is responsible for updating their individual profiles and contact details. The Trust will act as a central point for this information but as you know cannot favour, endorse or recommend specific organisations.

By making this toolkit available on the Trusts internet page individuals, families and carers will have access to information and resources to support them in their decision making supported by their Social Worker or Keyworker.

I am very pleased to commend this resource and encourage individuals and organisation to use it.

I hope the Toolkit will be of value to all Providers in their contribution to making Self Directed Support and Person Centred Care happen in Northern Ireland. I would also like to state my thanks to the providers who have shared their information and who continue to work in partnership with the Trust to drive this excellent initiative forward, Age NI; Alzheimer’s society; Action Ability; Caremark; Cedar Foundation; Clare Project; M. Care; Mears; Nursing Caring Direct and Positive Futures.

Brendan Whittle
Director of Children's Services & Executive Director of Social Work


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All the information in this toolkit was correct as the time of publication. However, some information may change from time. Always check with the relevant agency before making decisions based on the information contained within this toolkit.