Each of our main hospitals (Ulster, Lagan Valley, Downe) have appointed Chaplains of the main religious organisations.

The aim of the Chaplaincy is to provide pastoral and spiritual care to patients, their families and all members of staff within the confines of the Trust/Hospital. It is available to people of faith or no faith. The chaplains work as members of a multidisciplinary care team to ensure that the highest standard of care is made available to those who enter through the doors of the Hospital/Trust.

The Chaplains Department is comprised of men and women from the four main churches of Northern Ireland - Methodist, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. Each will attend patients of their particular churches and one of the Methodist chaplains has the responsibility of attending patients of the smaller Christian churches and other faiths. Any chaplain will however respond to the needs of any patient if they are called upon to do so. If requested the chaplains will inform their own minister or priest that they have a member of their community in hospital and they would welcome a visit.

The chaplains provide a 24 hour seven days a week service and will endeavour to respond to all urgent calls as promptly as possible. However, many chaplains also have parish responsibilities and it is not always possible to do so and this should be taken into account when trying to contact a particular chaplain.


Lagan Valley Hospital
: (028) 9266 5141 Ext 2256

Ulster Hospital
: (028) 9048 4511 Ext 2739

Downe Hospital
: Through the main switchboard (028) 4461 3311



Downe Chaplains from left to right: Rev Harry Robinson, Rev Marie Walshe, Rev Ross Harte and Fr Sean Rogan


Lagan Valley Chaplains from left to right: Fr Dermot McCaughan, Sr Kathleen, Rev Jack Richardson, Fr Paul Byrne, Rev Elizabeth Henderson, Rev Brian Anderson


Ulster chaplains from left to right: Fr Ciaran Feeney, Canon Ken Smyth, Rev David Campton, Rev William Haslett, Rev George Moffett