Appointment Reminder Service

In order to assist patients and clients to make the best use of Outpatient Services and to reduce the number of missed appointments, the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust has implemented a new free automated telephone call and follow-up text message service.

While the Trust accepts that there can be many reasons why patients fail to attend their appointments, the most common reason is that they simply forget. So from May 2014, an automated appointment messaging service will be used to remind patients of their appointments.

How are the reminders made?

Reminders are made using an automated telephone call and follow-up text message.

What should I do when I receive a telephone call?  

You will receive a telephone reminder seven days in advance of your appointment date. Follow the instructions in the telephone call, which will ask you to confirm who you are before giving your appointment details. Listen to the appointment details in full.

This is a reminder only and you should not attempt to return this call to discuss your appointment arrangements.

What should I do when I receive text message?

You will then receive a text message two days in advance of your appointment date.  The text message will contain your appointment details.

Please do not attempt to reply to this text message.

The appointment reminder service is free of charge to patients. We hope that patients will find this service beneficial but if you prefer not to receive reminder messages, please advise Trust staff that you wish to opt-out of the service.

If you have any queries in relation to your appointment, please phone the number listed on your appointment letter.

The South Eastern H&SC Trust follows very strict guidelines in relation to data protection and patient confidentiality. All data used for this service will be stored and managed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

For further information relating to information security and protection, please contact the Trust Data Protection Officer on (028) 9151 2201.