Family Intervention

Following completion of an initial assessment by the Gateway Service, children and families identified as requiring on-going family support or intervention are referred to the Family Intervention Team within the locality where the family resides. The Family Intervention Team provides advice and support in keeping with the assessed needs and respective care plan which involves working closely with all family members and other agencies/services to promote the safety and overall well-being of the child(ren) and family. There are occasions where the initiation of Child Protection or Care processes are required to safeguard the child(ren) and families are encouraged to fully engage in these processes.

"The Family Intervention Team will engage with parents/children and young people to address their assessed needs to strengthen family functioning and promote improved outcomes for children in terms of their health and well-being both physically and emotionally, their educational attainments and engagement within their communities."


The main referral route into the respective teams is via the Gateway Service on completion of an Unocini initial assessment.