Intensive Support Service

Following assessment by the respective Gateway or Family intervention Team, young people who meet the referral criteria to the Intensive Support Service should be referred to the respective Intensive Support Team within their locality. The assessment must evidence that the young person exhibits at least two or more of the following behaviours:

  • The young person is involved in habitual substance misuse which is having a severe adverse impact on their health and well-being and/or family life
  • They are persistently involved in criminal behaviour resulting in police/court action
  • They are displaying a range of severe disturbing and/or self-harming behaviours which is placing them or others at risk
  • Psychological/psychiatric difficulties leading to family dysfunction.

"The Intensive Support Team will engage with the young person and their family to address their assessed needs to promote the young person’s wellbeing both physically and emotionally and to strengthen family functioning. The team members manage smaller caseloads to increase their capacity to provide enhanced engagement with the young person and have a proven track record of delivering improved outcomes for the young people."


Young people who display severe challenging adolescent type behaviours regardless of age may be referred. A Unocini initial assessment by the Gateway team or a pathway assessment by the Family Intervention Team which clearly evidences that the referral criteria has been met is required to access the Intensive Support Service.


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