Carers & Hospital Discharge

If someone you care about has been in hospital, and that person will not be able to manage at home without your help, then you are a carer. Perhaps you are bringing a relative home who used to live elsewhere or you are providing additional support for them in their own home. You may be wondering how you will cope with someone whose life has been considerably changed due to injury, illness or frailty impacting on their ability to manage independently.Or, you may have been looking after someone at home until now, but are unsure whether you can continue provide all the help they may need after their hospital stay.

It is important for staff to ensure that you, the carer, are involved in decisions about the patient during their stay in hospital and when they are being discharged. The Hospital Social Worker should be able to help. It may be appropriate to consider asking for an assessment of your support needs as a carer.

For more information see DHSSPS A Carer’s Guide to Hospital Discharge

The Trust leaflet about Discharge from Hospital is available here and also on Wards within hospitals in the Trust.