Laser Clinic

Treatments currently offered at the Laser Clinic on the Ulster Hospital site include:

  • Port wine stains and other vascular lesions such as thread veins and spider naevi
  • Brown marks both hereditary and acquired
  • Hair removal in white, asian and black skin
  • Removal of multi-coloured tattoos

Since 1998 Dr Julian Handley, Dermatologist took over the leadership of the Northern Ireland Regional Skin Laser Centre at the Ulster Hospital.

Over the last 13 years the clinic has acquired multiple new lasers which currently include:

  • Cynergy multiplex – combined pulsed dye and NDYag laser
  • Gentlemax Pro– combined alexandrite and NDYag laser
  • Medlite C6 Q switched NDYag laser
  • M22 optimized intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • Candela Co2RE  laser
  • Standard and fractional  laser resurfacing for depressed scars

The Team

In addition to Dr Handley, the lead Consultant, we have three other Consultant staff:

  • Dr Elizabeth McMullen. Dermatologist
  • Dr David Alderdice, Dermatologist
  • Mr Stephen Sinclair, Plastic Surgeon
  • Two Laser Nurses

We undertake 14 clinical treatment sessions per week – one general anaesthetic session under Dr McMullen for children with birthmarks, and thirteen outpatient day case sessions ( 2.5 doctor- led and 10.5 nurse -led).

From its humble beginnings, the current clinic workload has risen to just under 3000 patient treatment episodes per annum, which makes it one of the busiest laser centres within the United Kingdom, and on a par with any leading skin laser clinic worldwide.

Contact and Location

The Laser Clinic is located in the Main Block of the Ulster Hospital. It is situated on the first floor, final door on the left of the main corridor. If you are having difficulties finding the clinic please ask a member of staff to assist you.

To contact the Laser Clinic directly please use the telephone numbers below

For Appointments -      (028) 90413769

For Treatment -           (028) 9056 1428