Safeguarding Adults

The South Eastern HSC Trust has specially trained staff that can provide information, advice, support and protection for any adult who may be at risk of harm from abuse, exploitation or neglect .

What is abuse, exploitation or neglect?

Vulnerable adult abuse happens in different ways. It includes:

  • Physical abuse - where the abuser hits, pushes, kicks, treats the person roughly or worse
  • Mental abuse or bullying - involving threats, name-calling, insults, humiliation and meanness
  • Sexual abuse -  for instance being touched or hit in private places, or even being sexually assaulted. Sexual abuse can be verbal too, through comments and jokes that make the person feel threatened or embarrassed
  • Financial abuse or theft - this can be as straightforward as someone stealing money or valuables, or keeping some or all the money that should be used to pay bills
  • Neglect - this includes not providing enough or the right kind of food for a vulnerable adult, or not taking good enough care of them. Leaving someone unwashed or in dirty or wet clothes, not getting them to a doctor when they need one or not making sure they have the right medicines all count as neglect
  • Exploitation- Exploitation is the deliberate maltreatment, manipulation or abuse of power and control over another person; to take advantage of another person or situation usually, but not always, for personal gain from using them as a commodity.

This abuse can occur in any setting either in the persons own home, a care home, hospital, day centre, place of employment etc. and can be committed by any person.


Adult Safeguarding is about protecting adults, aged 18 or over, who may be at risk of harm from abuse, exploitation or neglect and who also may not be able to protect themselves from the action or inaction of others. If you have a concern that you or someone you know is or may be, at risk of harm there are a number of ways of reporting it.

1. You can contact the local PSNI on their 101 number or their 999 number if there is immediate danger.
2. You can contact South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust on 028 92 501227
3. You can contact the Out of Hours Regional Emergency Social Work Service ( 5pm-9am Mon-Fri & 24 hrs at weekends and Bank holidays )
4. You can contact the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority on 028 90 517500 if the concern is about a residential or nursing home, a day-care facility or a hospital.

Or you can talk to a trusted adult who will be able to help you with you concern. Below are the contact details of a number of other agencies who can also offer you support.

If you ever feel in immediate danger or think someone else may be in immediate danger, Dial 999.

If you have a concern about a vulnerable adult who you think is being abused and they are unable to protect themselves contact:

Linda Johnston
Trust Lead in Adult Safeguarding
Level 5
Lisburn Health Centre
Linenhall Street
BT28 1LU

Telephone:  (028) 9250 1227
                     (028) 9504 9999 (Out of Hours, 5pm-9am)


If you prefer, you can also speak to your GP or any other health care professional, and they will contact the service on your behalf.

Policy, Procedures and Referral documentation

Adult Abuse Leaflet- DHSSPS

Adult Abuse Guidance for Staff- DHSSPS

Adult Safeguarding Prevention and Protection in Partnership Policy- DHSSPS

Adult Safeguarding Operational Procedures Adults at risk and Adults in Need of Protection 


Useful Contacts                        

Action on Elder Abuse Helpline - Telephone:  080 8808 8141

24hr Domestic Violence Helpline - Telephone:  0800 917 1414