Looked After Children Service

This service is for all children and young people who are a 'Looked After Child' (LAC) and under 16 years of age. The care plan for the child must be long term care.

"The LAC teams carry statutory responsibility for those children for whom rehabilitation to the birth parents has been ruled out and whose care plan is long term care. Long term placements include kinship or family placements, foster care and residential care."

The team has a duty to ensure that the standard of care the child receives is of the highest quality. Children would be visited monthly by the Social Workers and their views would be sought and responded to appropriately. The team would also plan and facilitate contact arrangements with family and significant persons in the child’s life.

If circumstances change in the family, the team will work closely with the parents and child to facilitate a safe return home.


Referrals are made by the Family Intervention Teams once the care plan specifies long term care.


Hillsborough Health Centre
29 Ballynahinch Street
BT26 6AW

Telephone: (028) 9268 0844

Bangor Admin Building
Newtownards Road
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Telephone: (028) 9146 8521

Grove House
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