Inpatient Services

There are two main functions provided by the inpatient service. Firstly, the assessment of an individual to ascertain if an illness exits and secondly the treatment of mental illness in its most acute phase.

The Mission Statement for South Eastern Trust Mental Health Inpatient Units is:

“To maintain a safe, supportive environment for patients who are mentally unwell, their family and carers. To provide effective treatment and comfort for those who require it and make their experience on the ward a pleasant one that contributes towards a positive recovery.”

The team is made up of medical, nursing, social work and occupational therapy staff. There is access to others who may help support this service should it be required, for example, psychology, home treatment or community mental health team.

Access to the Service

This service is available to 18- 64 year olds (occasionally an under 18 may require the service is there are no CAMHS bed available).

Admission to the ward is via the Mental Health Assessment Centre, EPS, GP (only if detained under the mental health order) or Home Treatment Team. Anyone outside these services wishing to refer a patient would refer to the assessment centre between 9am to 8pm and to EPS outside these hours.


Mental Health Inpatient Unit
Ward 12
Department of Elderly Medicine    
Lagan Valley Hospital
BT28 1JP

Telephone: (028) 9263 3521



Mental Health Inpatient Unit
Ward 27
Ulster Hospital
BT16  1RH

Telephone:  (028) 9055 3220