Condition Management Programme

The Condition Management Programme (CMP) is a programme of interventions of up to 12 weeks for adults of working age; delivered by Healthcare Professionals aimed at helping people manage their physical and/or mental health conditions with a view to returning to work. It is part of the Department of Employment and Learning’s “Pathways to Work” scheme accessed through local Jobs and Benefits Office/Job Centres. Staff delivering CMP are employed by the local Healthcare Trust.

The service is provided to clients referred from the Jobs & Benefits office and Job Centres in Ballynahinch, Bangor, Downpatrick, Lisburn, Newcastle and Newtownards.

The main aims of the service are to :

  1. Undertake assessment of client needs that are focused on achieving optimum health to engage in work related activity 
  2. Provide a range of interventions, designed to promote self-management of health conditions and improve potential for employment 
  3. Enable clients to access support to manage their health and employment needs through appropriate utilisation of core NHS, voluntary and community based services

When a person is accepted on to CMP, their health needs are assessed and an intervention plan agreed, which could involve contact with a combination of staff from:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Mental Health Nursing & Addictions

Interventions may take the form of one to one work, involvement in group work sessions or a combination of both.

The CMP team within the South Eastern Trust area work in partnership with the ‘Pathways to Work’ team to ensure the delivery if the Government agenda of supporting people to return to work.
This innovative approach to interagency service delivery has resulted in:

  • Positive health gains for clients, with a refocus on self-management if health conditions
  • Improved productivity for clients including return to paid employment
  • Positive feedback from clients regarding their experience of CMP and the impact on their lives
  • Social inclusion of clients within workplaces and communities
  • Reduced level of dependency on welfare benefits
  • Reduced reliance on NHS interventions
  • Availability of a work focused service for clients completing NHS interventions
  • Stronger working relationships between two distinct Government Departments.

Despite the current economic climate, clients completing CMP continue to seek, and in many cases secure competitive employment. It us suggested that the impact of one person entering in to work represents a saving to the economy of £70k per annum but the human benefits are impossible to quantify.

What some clients have said about their experience:

“It was useful to break things down…mental health, chronic pain, specific events, which happened in the workplace that were barriers to my employment…and seek ways of managing them. It was helpful to have a multidisciplinary approach.”

“The programme has been invaluable… it helped me to look at my problems logically and in a better way of thinking. It helped me with problem solving and helped me improve my confidence.”

“I found that working with this programme gave me a better understanding of my illness and my limitations but it also helped me with putting strategies into place that gave me some time to myself, with maybe a chance for further education.”

“I feel more confident in that I am planning to go back to work…I will recognise the signs, should I not be able to cope, and I will be able to do something about it before I let myself become so stressed that I become ill. I am more in control.”


People can be referred to CMP if they are in receipt of:

  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Income support based on incapacity
  • Employment & support Allowance (ESA)
  • Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)

People can only be referred to CMP by their Employment Adviser (EA) in the Job Centre/ Jobs & Benefits Office.

A referral form is completed by the employment advisor and this results in the client being screened by a CMP Practitioner for suitability for the programme.
If a person is in receipt of input from core healthcare services it may not be appropriate to commence CMP, but they could be referred via their EA as they approach the end of their treatment.

If you know someone who meets the above criteria and who you think might benefit from CMP, advise them to speak to their EA at the Job Centre/ Jobs and Benefits Office.


Karen Cherry, Administration Team Leader
Condition Management Programme
8 Moss Road
Co Down
BT23 9JE

Telephone: (028) 9752 1697