Independent Sector: Connected Health and Domiciliary Services

The Independent Sector within Older People’s Services comprises of:

  • Domiciliary Care
  • Governance
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Financial Assessment
  • Brokerage
  • Procare
  • Telehealth
  • Telecare

In line with the aims of Transforming Your Care the department endeavours to allow people to stay in their own homes for longer. With the help of new technologies which have created advancements in health care solutions this aim is achievable now more so than ever. Teamed up with domiciliary care this means individuals, and their families, now have more options available should they require extra assistance.

Governance and Quality Monitoring ensures RQIA standards for Nursing Homes, Residential Homes and Domiciliary Care are met and endeavours to rectify any shortfalls which may occur.

Our Financial Assessors work with individuals and their families to determine the financial contributions they will make towards their care, or their relatives care, when they acquire services.

The role of the Brokerage team is assist in the acquisition of care services. The responsibility of the Brokerage team is to contact care providers when referrals are made so that service users receive their care package as soon as possible. The Procare Team then ensure payments are made to the care providers on behalf of the South Eastern Trust.

Telehealth is applicable to service users of all ages who must regularly monitor a chronic condition such as diabetes. The system allows service users to monitor their vital signs from home and upload readings electronically to be viewed by health care professionals.

Telecare on the other hand provides a sense of safety in one’s own home. Telecare provides a variety of devices which can be placed in the home or worn as a pendant in case of an emergency.

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