Clinical Psychology Service for Cancer Patients

"The aim of this service is to promote psychological well-being and provide emotional support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer."

The service is provided by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who is part of the Clinical Health Psychology Team based at the Ulster Hospital.

A Clinical Psychologist is someone who is specifically trained and professionally qualified to help people with a range of difficulties, both emotional and behavioural. They help people of all ages and backgrounds. A Clinical Psychologist is not a medically trained doctor and does not prescribe medication.

For people living with an illness like cancer, it is well recognised that they may also experience emotional problems such as an increase in anxiety, feelings of fear, panic or helplessness. Talking to a Clinical Psychologist can help a person understand and make sense of these feelings and find new ways of coping.

Going to see a Clinical Psychologist does not mean that a person is mentally ill or that the problems are ‘all in their head’. Some of the reasons why someone may wish to use this service include:

  • To help them come to terms with changes that may occur in their life after a diagnosis of cancer
  • If the normal reactions to a cancer diagnosis such as anxiety or fear become overwhelming
  • If they are experiencing psychological or emotional distress connected to worries about treatment, physical symptoms, body image or their future health
  • To help them adjust back to everyday life and the recovery process at the end of treatment

Accessing the Service

This service is available for adults who are being treated for cancer in the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust. Referrals to the service are accepted from health professionals involved in the person’s medical care.

Contact Details

For additional information about the service, please contact:

Dr Maggie Moore
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Telephone:  (028) 9055 3112 - (direct line and voicemail)

Administrative support
Telephone: (028) 9056 4810 – (direct line and voicemail)