Community Nursing Rapid Response Service

What is the Community Nursing Rapid Response Service?

It is the provision and delivery of intensive levels of care for people in their own homes or as close to their own homes as possible. This includes Nursing and Residential Homes as well as Rapid Response Clinics.

While patients are cared for by the Team, their medical care is the responsibility of the General Practitioner and in some cases their Hospital Consultant.

There is a locality team covering 24/7 in Ards/Peninsula Locality; Down Locality; Lisburn Locality and the North Down Locality. Each team consists of a nurse co-ordinator, accompanied by a number of staff’ nurses and health care assistants.

The service works in partnership with the district nursing teams and other professionals to enhance existing services.

Examples of Services provided by the Team:

Day Service Only – (8.00am- 6.00pm)

  • Blood transfusions 
  • Venesection 
  • Intravenous drug therapy eg. Venofer, Methylprednisolone 
  • Infusion of some chemotherapy related drugs eg. Zometa 
  • Endoscopy prep. / x-ray prep. & aftercare.

Day, Evening & Night Service

  • Intravenous drug therapy e.g. Ranitidine, Cyclizine 
  • Intravenous antibiotic therapy 
  • Some complex drains 
  • Cannulation 
  • Intravenous fluid therapy 
  • Subcutaneous fluid therapy 
  • Dialysis

Evening and Night Service only (6.00pm-8.00am)

  • Male, female and supra-pubic catheterisation 
  • Management & replacement of gastrostomy tubes 
  • Management of enteral feeding 
  • N-G tube insertion – for drainage only 
  • Syringe driver & symptom management in chronic illness and end of life care.

How to contact the service

If you live in the Down & Lisburn localities:
Telephone: 084 5603 2179

If you live in North Down and Ards localities call
Telephone: (028) 9151 1198